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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Fire Pit From Filling With Water

Keeping your outdoor fire pit safe from pooling water should be a priority when setting up your pit. Most of the backyard fire pits we use are made of metal which over time will rust if left exposed to water and wet conditions. Long term exposure to water can rust away any metal fire pit. … Read more

Should You Insulate Your Garage Ceiling? 6 Helpful Tips

If you want to heat or air condition your garage you need to think about insulation first. Heating or cooling will not be efficient with a completely uninsulated garage. Insulating the garage walls and garage door is not enough. You also need to insulate the garage ceiling. Heat rises so a lot of heat goes … Read more

23 Small Garage Gym Ideas To Make Your Gym Great

Having a small garage gym can make it so much easier to work out. It is a great time saver and can save you money too. No more paying gym membership and wasting time driving to the gym. Here are some small garage gym ideas to help you get started and to make the most … Read more