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Compare Intex Vs Coleman Hot Tubs. Who Makes The Best Inflatable Hot Tub Of 2022

intex vs coleman hot tub

The Intex PureSpa and the Coleman SaluSpa are 2 of the most popular inflatable hot tubs available today. Inflatable hot tubs are a great invention that allows you to enjoy a hot tub for much less money. They can be picked up and put away if you are not going to use it for a while or taken with you when you go somewhere. If you have been considering a Coleman or Intex hot tub which one should you get? Let’s compare Intex vs Coleman Hot Tubs and figure out which one really is the best.

Intex vs Coleman Hot Tubs – Summary Table

coleman vs intex inflatable hot tub comparison chart

Intex vs Coleman Hot Tub – 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Review


The Coleman SaluSpa is one of the most popular inflatable hot tubs available today. It was previously sold as the Lay-Z spa. Coleman sells thousands of these every year. This is a proven design if you want an inexpensive, reliable hot tub to use any time including in the winter.

Coleman says this hot tub will fit 6 adults. 4 is more realistic unless you are really close. 2 to 3 is better if you want a more relaxing experience. There are no seats built into the hot tub. You sit on the floor which doubles as an inflatable cushion.

The construction is a 3 layer laminate called Tritech. It made up of PVC, Polyester, and an artificial leather outer layer. The tub walls have I-Beam construction and is quite rigid when inflated. Several adults can sit on the edge without it flexing or caving in.

The setup is really simple. Make sure you inflate the cover before you hook the pump up to the water connections and start filling the hot tub. You need to use the air pump to inflate the cover and can’t after it’s hooked up to the water connections.

It can take up to 2 days to get this hot tub up to temperature. Don’t expect to fill it up and use it right away. It takes some time to warm up the 254 gallons of water it will take to fill it. It will drop temperature once the cover is removed. It drops faster when jets are being used. It if it really cold outside you will have limited time with the jets before it cools too much to be enjoyable. You can improve the heating performance a lot by making an insulated floor pad to put under the hot tub. This can be done with construction foam.

One noteworthy feature that this hot tub has is the energy saver heating timer. You can set a timer for up to 72 hours for when you want the heater to turn on. If you are taking a break but know you want to use the hot tub in a few days you can set it to wait 48 hours and then start heating.

The hot tub is very comfortable to sit in. The jets are strong enough to feel good but aren’t super overpowering. They struck a pretty good balance with the design.

You will need a pool cleaner to use this hot tub. It does not come with chemicals or cleaner. A cleaning net is useful also to remove anything floating on the water.

This hot tub is a great value compared to a permanent fixed hot tub. It is comfortable to sit in with durable construction. It is one of the most popular inflatable hot tubs online for good reason.


  • Size – 77″ x 77″ x 28″
  • Capacity – 4 to 6
  • Weight – 88 lbs
  • Water capacity – 254 gallons
  • Jets – 114
  • Max Water Temperature – 104F
  • Minimum Operating Air Temperature – 40F
  • Construction – Tritech – PVC, Polyester and leatheroid 3 layer laminate

What we liked

  • Comfortable to sit in
  • Rigid sides and durable construction
  • Easy to setup and use

What we didn’t like

  • Takes a long time to heat up to 104F
  • It could use more floor insulation

Video Review

Intex 28429E PureSpa Plus Inflatable Hot Tub Review


The Intex 28429E PureSpa 4 person hot tub is an inflatable hot tub with a lot of features. This hot tub from Intex is a premium inflatable hot tub.

This hot tub features drop stitch construction and is really rigid feeling when inflated. Drop Stitch is used in inflatable Paddle Boards to make them feel like rigid surfboards. The hot tub panels are made from a 3 layer PVC laminate. The edge of this hot tub can support adults without much flexing. There is an over pressure release valve built into the hot tub. If you over inflate the hot tub or leave it sitting out on a really hot day, you won’t risk damaging from too much air pressure.

This hot tub is made for 4 adults. It will fit 2 to 3 very comfortably and 4 with some crowding. It uses 210 gallons of water to fill it. Keep this in mind when you decide where to place this hot tub. 210 gallons of water plus a few 150 to 250 lb adults adds up to a lot of weight.

This hot tub includes an insulated ground cover to put the hot tub on. It also has an inflatable insulated top cover. The top cover uses a circular chambered construction to give it more rigidity. Performance can be improved by putting the hot tub over a construction foam pad in addition to the included ground cover.

This hot tub currently can’t be sold in California without a special energy efficient cover. Be aware of this if you are ordering one for that state.

This hot tub heats at 1 to 2 degrees F per hour. If you are starting out with cold water with cold air temperatures it can take a few days to heat up. This is a large hot tub and can’t be heated quickly. It will lose temperature when operating with the cover off. It will lose temperature even faster while bubbling.

One nice touch about this hot tub is the control panel. It tilts up making it a little easier to read and use when you are in the hot tub. You don’t have to lean over the edge to see the controls on top of the pump.

One annoying feature of this hot tub is the 72 hour auto cutoff for the heater. You need to leave the hot tub set up all the time because it takes a long time to heat it. If you leave it for a few days and forget, the auto-cutoff turns off the heater. When you go to use it, it will be cold if you didn’t reset the heater auto-cutoff. This would be a great feature if inflatable hot tubs didn’t take so long to heat up.

It is very comfortable to sit in. The included inflatable head rests are a really nice touch.

The Intex 4 person PureSpa is a great hot tub for small groups of adults. If you are looking for a backyard winter party hot tub this could be for you.


  • Size – 77 x 28 inches
  • Capacity – 4 person
  • Weight – 92 lbs
  • Water capacity – 210 Gallon
  • Jets – 140
  • Max Water Temperature – 104F
  • Minimum Operating Air Temperature – 40F
  • Construction – PVC Laminate with drop stitch construction

What we liked

  • Control panel you can operate without reaching over the tub
  • Built in water conditioner
  • Rigid drop stitch construction

What we didn’t like

  • Slow heating at 1-2degrees per hour
  • Can’t be sold in California without special energy efficient top cover

Video Review

Intex vs Coleman Hot Tub Features Comparison

Materials & Construction

Both the Intex and Coleman inflatable hot tubs use a 3 ply PVC laminate. Both use drop stitch construction to control the shape. Intex calls their version of it Fibertech and Coleman’s version is called Tritech. PVC laminates with drop-stitch are used for a variety of inflatables. Drop stitch allows for very stiff rigid structures such as stand up paddle boards. From a materials standpoint, both hot tubs are equal. To learn more about PVC drop stitch construction go here.

The Intex does have one feature in its construction that does stand out. It has a pressure release valve built into it that prevents damage from over inflation. If you inflate your hot tub on a cold morning and then let it sit out in the sun, the air inside will heat and expand. This will increase the air pressure in the hot tub. Without the overpressure valve, the hot tub can be damaged by too much pressure in this situation.

The Intex PureSpa gets a slight edge in construction and materials. The overpressure valve can save your hot tub if you aren’t careful with inflating it.


Both hot tubs use a similar pump system. The pumps are used for both inflating the hot tub and then for circulating the water after it’s setup. The Intex hot tub has a more powerful pump with a flow rate of 460 gallons/hour. The Coleman pump is rated at 320 gallons per hour. The Intex hot tub will do a better job at filtering since it can move more water.

The pumps operate in the same way for both hot tubs. If the heater is on, the filter pump turns on automatically. The filter pump can run without the heater as well. They both are one speed systems. The water circulation pump has no level control. It is on or off.

The Intex hot tub is the winner in this category from having the more powerful circulation pump.


Both hot tubs have a heating element that is 1300 watts in power. Both of them can heat the water at 2 to 3 degrees F per hour. They both take a long time to heat up the water if you are operating your hot tub in cooler air temperatures. Neither hot tub has an advantage in the heating category.


Both hot tubs operate in a similar way. Both have a fixed power pump and fixed power air jets. They are on/off only. They do have different timer and cutoff functions.

The Intex hot tub has a 72 hour auto cutoff built into it’s heating controls. This is more annoying then useful. If you don’t use your hot tub for a few days you will come back and find it cold. You may have to wait a couple days for it to warm back up. There is no way to turn it off.

The Coleman hot tub has a power saver heat timer feature. You can set a timer for when your hot tub will start heating. If you finish using your hot tub and know you won’t use it for a few days, you can set the timer to not start the heater again for up to 99 hours. You will save energy the next few days but after that, you’ll come back to a comfy warm hot tub.

For the controls we give the edge to the Coleman SaluSpa because of it’s more useful power saver timer feature.


The Intex hot tub has 140 air jets. The Coleman hot tub only has 114 jets. Both hot tubs have a fixed air jet control. They are on or off with no power settings. The Intex hot tub heats the air for the jets a little bit. You don’t get ambient cold air blowing into the hot tub. It helps slow down the rate the hot tub cools off with the jets turned on meaning you can stay in it longer. The Intex hot tub is the winner in this category because it has more jets and heated air in the jets.


Both hot tubs now come with an insulating ground cover. Earlier Coleman Saluspas did not. They do now. Both hot tubs have inflatable insulating top covers. From here the Intex comes with several more nice adds.

The Intex hot tubs also includes 2 inflatable head rests that can be placed anywhere along the edge. It comes with a carrying bag for storing the hot tub when it’s not in use. It also has a floating battery powered LED light to give your hot tub some lighting effect. Every regular permanent hot tub has lighting built in.

The chemical dispenser for the Intex hot tub can also perform water softening. The floating dispenser for the Coleman tub cannot.

The Intex hot tub is the clear winner for accessories because of the bag, light and water softener.


Both hot tubs use a similar setup process and both take about the same amount of time. Both can be put inflated and put together in about 15 minutes. They both use the water circulation and jet pump to also inflate the hot tub and covers. (remember to inflate the cover before hooking up the pump to the hot tub and filling it.) There is no clear winner in setup. The videos below show the setup process for both hot tubs.


The pump systems in both hot tubs are their biggest weakness. Both hot tubs have many reviews where the pump failed in the first few months. They are both under warranty but it may be a challenge to get it covered. You may have to pay shipping to send your broken pump back.

The important thing to remember is that these hot tubs cost a fraction of what a regular hot tub costs. You can buy 10 to 20 of them for the cost of 1 regular hot tub. Even if you have to replace it every year, you will still be money ahead of a regular hot tub. Regular hot tubs also have frequent pump failures and other expensive problems.

There is no clear winner for durability. Both hot tubs are equal with similar pump issues.

Customer Reviews

The Coleman SaluSpa is the most popular inflatable hot tub available today. It is also sold as the Bestway SaluSpa. Both have thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. It represents a great value in a portable hot tub. The Intex PureSpa hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. It has a few more accessories and features such as jets so it tends to be a bit more expensive.

The biggest customer complaints for both hot tubs are the pump durability and how slow the water heats up.

The Coleman SaluSpa is the winner in this category based purely on numbers. It has sold many more SaluSpas because of their lower price while still performing well.

Manufacturer Websites

If you want to learn more about the hot tubs you can visit their manufacturer sites below. The Coleman hot tub is made by Bestway so they are the best source for manufacturer information.

Intex Vs Coleman Inflatable Hot Tubs – Who is the winner?

Overall both the Coleman SaluSpa and Intex PureSpa are great choices if you are looking for an inflatable hot tub. After considering all the stats and features in the battle of the Intex vs Coleman hot tub we give a slight edge to the Intex PureSpa.

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