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Breville Fast Slow Pro Review. A Good High Quality Pressure Cooker

We were in search of a faster way to make stews, pulled pork and other things that we used to make in a slow cooker. My wife picked out the Breville Fast Slow Pro Pressure Cooker to speed up some of our cooking. At first glance, it looks like a very well made kitchen appliance. For the most part, it works very well. We did find a few faults with it. Here is our review of the Breville Fast Slow Pro.

Breville Fast Slow Pro Pressure Cooker Review

We purchased the Breville Fast Slow Pro from Amazon. It is available from a bunch of places. It was roughly the same price everywhere. It arrived in a few days. The pressure cooker comes well packed. Ours had no scratches or other damage. Inside the box are the pressure cooker and a few accessories. It also comes with an instruction manual and a small cookbook. No assembly is needed. It is ready to use out of the box. The construction is stainless steel. There is very little plastic on it. The plug has a really nice feature. It has a hold for grabbing it.

Breville Fast Slow Pro Slow Cooker

  • Color changing LCD tells you when the cooker is pressurizing, cooking or releasing steam
  • 3 Way Safety System/Safety locking lid, automatic hands free steam release, safety valve
  • 11 pressure cook settings plus a custom setting to suit your favorite recipes
  • Removable cooking bowl with PTFE and PFOA free ceramic coating


The Fast Slow Pro comes with a cookbook, a rack, and a steaming basket. The rack is good for cooking ribs or other meats you want to keep out of the liquid at the bottom. The steaming basket is for steaming vegetables or seafood. The cookbook has a variety of recipes. It has sections for meat, vegetables, and a few other categories. We have tried a few recipes so far and they have come out okay.

breville fast slow pro with accessories

Cooking with the Fast Slow Pro

The Breville Fast Slow Pro is pretty easy to use. When you plug it in, the first menu asks you to select cooking mode. You can choose Pressure cook, slow cook, saute, and several other modes. After selecting the mode it takes you to the settings for that mode. For saute you can choose from 3 power levels. For pressure cooking, there are a variety of settings. There are a variety of pressure cooking modes such as “Stew” or “Bone in meat”. Within each preset, you can adjust the pressure, release, and cooking time. The buttons are well thought out and easy to use. It is easy to use even if you’ve never touched a pressure cooker before in your life.

pressure cooker settings

Beef Stew

One of the first things we tried to make was beef stew. We tried this beef stew recipe by thesaltymarshmallow.com. We used the stew settings on the pressure cooker. The preset stew settings were quite different than what the recipe called for. To start with we used the saute mode to brown the beef. Once that is done you load up the rest of the materials and change it to pressure cooker mode.

beef stew ingredients

Here is where one flaw comes in. You will get a pressure seal error if you try to go straight from sauteing to pressure cook. It is easy enough to go backward in the menu, select pressure cook, and set it off. Every time we have done this the pressure seal error occurs. What I have found works to not get this error is to unplug the pressure cooker from the wall after you finish saute. If you do this it resets and you don’t get an error in the pressure cook mode.

This pressure cooker will release a lot of steam when it hits that point in it’s process. It can do a pretty good job of filling up the room with a steam cloud. I recommend setting it where your oven vent can suck up the steam.

beef stew before pressure cooking

After the pressure cooking cycle we added some corn starch to thicken up the stew. Let is saute a few minutes to thicken up. It has no problems going from pressure cook mode back to saute. The stew setting had different time and release settings from the recipe I found online. The end result still came out really good.

beef stew after pressure cooking

Stew and similar items come out well in the pressure cooker. It does an excellent job of softening up the meat.

Pork Ribs

Pork ribs were the first thing we tried to cook with the pressure cooker. We found a rib recipe online (not for pressure cooking) and used the short rib recipe in the included cookbook for settings. We used a dry rub to season the ribs and then put them in the cooker on the rack accessory.

We added some broth and garlic on the ribs before setting off the pressure cooker. We used the bone-in-meat setting without changing anything.

breville pressure cooker releasing steam

The ribs came out really tender. They were well into the fall off the bone stage. They are a bit moist coming out of the pressure cooker. This is from being compressed with steam during the cooking process. It would have been a good idea to set the oven to broil and give them a few minutes to dry out. Next time we do any barbequed meat in the pressure cooker we will do a few minutes in the oven.


I attempted to cook the risotto recipe in the Breville Pressure Cooker cookbook. This was the one item we have tried pressure cooking that didn’t go well. The recipe is for 8 servings and we were cooking 2. I had to reduce all the ingredients by 3/4. I believe this was part of the problem because we just didn’t have enough ingredients in the bowl.

I used to saute setting to cook the rice before adding in broth. For pressure cooking you can add all the broth in at one time. For Risotto you mix in a little at a time and it turns into a very time consuming thing to make.

After pre-cooking the rice a few minutes, on saute, I added the broth and closed the lid and set it to Pressure Cook. I was making a small quantity the broth immediately boiled. I think I lost a good amount of it to steam before getting the lid shut. This is where we first discovered the lid seal error. It pre-heated for several minutes and errored. I unplugged it and started pressure cooking again. It went through the pre-heat process again and worked this time.

pressure cooker risotto

After pressure cooking the risotto rice was nowhere near done. It was still pretty firm. I still had to do several cycles of adding broth and string it until it was absorbed. According to the recipe you only need to add a little more broth after the pressure cook cycle. I had to add at least as much broth as I put in the bowl to start with.

This recipe was edible but didn’t come out great. It was no where near as good as making it by the traditional manner.


The Breville Fast Slow Pro comes with a 6 quart cooking bowl. It is non-stick coated on the inside. It has been really easy to clean so far. The lid of the pressure cooker has a rubber gasket that can be removed and cleaned. It is easy to take off and put back on again. It’s reversible so you don’t have to worry about getting it back on the right direction.

The below video has some tips for using the Breville Fast Slow Pro. It shows the prior version but almost everything is the same except for the LCD display which is more modernized on the latest version.


So far we are really pleased with the Breville Fast Slow Pro pressure cooker. It works really well for stews and soups. It does a good job making really tender and soft meat quickly. It has a few faults such as the lead sealing error. It didn’t do a great job of cooking risotto. If you are looking for a pressure cooker we would recommend the Breville Fast Slow Pro.

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