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The Best Portable Blenders For Making Smoothies Of 2021 Helpful Guide

Blending up a good smoothie can be the perfect after-workout snack or refreshing at the end of a long day. Smoothies can be great for taking along for a hike. Smoothies made from natural ingredients such as fruit and protein sources can help you reach your exercise or weight loss goals. If you are constantly on the run then a portable blender might be the right choice for you to enjoy your homemade smoothies. If that is you then this guide to the best portable blenders for making smoothies will help you find the perfect blender.

Below are our top 3 picks for best portable blenders for making smoothies. Keep reading for more detailed reviews and FAQ.

Top Pick

NutriBullet NB9-1301W Pro

Editors Choice

Ninja Personal Blender

Best Value

Magic Bullet Blender

The Top 5 Best Portable Blenders For Making Smoothies

Below are our top 5 picks for the best portable blenders for making smoothies. We considered features, price, durability and customer reviews in our recommendations. We considered portable blenders that were both corded and battery powered for this review.

Top Pick

NutriBullet NB9-1301W Pro

  • With 900 watts of power, the NutriBullet Pro is faster and stronger than the original, but just as simple to use.
  • Optimized 900-watt motor and refined nutrient extraction blades blend The toughest whole foods into nutritious shakes, smoothies, and nut butters.
  • Included: (1) 900W motor base, (1) Extractor blade, (2) 32 oz. Cup, (2) to-go lid, (2) lip ring, (2) lip ring with handle and recipe book


The NutriBullet NB9-1301W Pro is the most powerful blender in this review with a 900 watt motor. It includes 2 32 oz mixing cups and a variety of lids to go with them. The 32 oz cups are a nice feature allowing for bigger smoothies than most other portable blenders.

The Nutribullet has enough power to quickly blend fruits and vegetables and will blend seeds and other hard bits. You must use care to screw the blade head into the cup otherwise it will leak when you turn it on. You can clean the cups and lids in the dishwasher. It is powered by a 120 volt plug with no battery option.

What users thought

Most users really liked their Nutribullet blender. It was very quick at blending even though a bit loud when it runs. Many users experienced leaks from the cup while blending. You must be careful to make sure that the cup is fully sealed to the blade head. It had no problems blending frozen food or small ice cubes. It was nice being able to clean the cups and lids in a dishwasher making cleanup much easier.


The Nutribullet is one of the most powerful portable blenders on the market. For those wanting a little more power a 1000 watt version is also available for a little more. It is our top pick for the best portable blenders for making smoothies available today.

What We Liked
✔️ 900 watt motor
✔️ Included 32 oz cups and accessories
✔️ Can be washed in a dishwasher
What We Didn’t Like
You must push the cup firmly into the blades and base to get a good seal
Very loud

Editors Choice

Ninja Personal Blender

  • 700-watt power pod with Pulse Technology
  • Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction extracts hidden nutrition from whole fruits and veggies
  • Frozen blending -crush through ice and frozen fruit for cold drinks and smoothies


Next in our review of best portable blenders for making smoothies is the Ninja Personal Blender. It is a 700 watt blender that uses a 16 ounce drinking cup to blend in. It includes 2 drinking and blending cups with separate snap on sip and seal lids.

The Ninja operates by filling the cup with smoothie ingredients, then put on the blending blade as a lid on the cup and push into the blender base until blended. Very simple and straight forward to use. This blender operates on a standard 120 volt power plug. If you plan to use it away from home you need to make sure you have power available.

What users thought

Users were very happy with their Ninja Personal Blender. Most thought it did a good job of mixing up fruit and ice. Some users found it takes some effort to get fruit at the top of the cup to blend down into the blades. It may also not completely liquify seeds and other small hard ingredients. The drinking cups are threaded on the inside which can make cleaning a challenge.


The Ninja Personal Blender is my top choice for best portable blender for making smoothies. It has good performance, reasonable cost and quality cups and accessories.

What We Liked
✔️ 700 watts of blending power
✔️ 2 integrated drinking cups with snap on sipping lids
✔️Plug in power
What We Didn’t Like
Cups are difficult to clean
Takes a while for items at the top to blend

Best Value

Magic Bullet Blender

  • 11 piece blender set: Includes blender, additional blender cups, blades, recipe book & more
  • The magic bullet chops, mixes, blends, whips, grinds and more. Cups are made out of high-impact plastic
  • Effortlessly create your favorite meals and snacks like smoothies, omelets, sauces and dips. 250 watts high-torque power base


To start we’ll look at the Magic Bullet Blender. One of the most popular small blenders that makes a great portable blender for making smoothies. This blender has a 300 watt motor and comes with 3 different sized cups for mixing and drinking and a variety of lids.

All 3 cups can be used for drinking and mixing. Simply twist the mixing blade onto the cup until it seals and then press it into the base to activate the blending motor. The mixer comes with a couple of resealable lids and a drinking lid. This portable blender is powered by standard 120volt AC power.

What users thought

This blender works well for blending fruit and vegetables and a couple of ice cubes. It needs to be run in a pulsing manner running 10-15 seconds at a time. More than that can cause the motor to overheat. If these recommendations are followed it works very well for making single-serve smoothies, shakes and other fruit drinks.


The Magic Bullet portable blender is one of the best choices for a portable blender for making smoothies and juices if you don’t need to include a lot of ice and have an outlet available for power. Its low cost and features make it our best value pick for best portable blender for making smoothies.

What We Liked
✔️ 300 watt motor
✔️ Variety of cups and lids
✔️Good for smoothies and juice without much ice
What We Didn’t Like
Need to pulse motor to avoid overheating
Struggles blending ice and frozen fruit

Best Battery Powered Blender

PopBabies Portable Blender

  • BLEND AND GO PORTABLE BLENDER: blend & drink from the 14 oz. Jar wherever you would like!
  • COMPACT DESIGN PERSONAL BLENDER: the petite size makes it the perfect blender for home, office, or travel.
  • UNIQUE FUNCTION AND GIFT: blending while charging
  • SAFE AND VERSATILE SMOOTHIE BLENDER: dishwasher safe to-go cups (Food Grade material, Perfect for shake and smoothies, protein shaker, baby food etc.


Next up in our review is the PopBabies Portable Blender. This blender is battery powered making it truly portable for use anywhere. It includes one 17 oz combination drinking and blending cup. The drinking cup and blending blade are made from Food Grade Material which is BPA Free, FDA, CE & RoHS Approved

The PopBabies blender is best used with chopped up fruit and only small amounts of ice. It cannot be used with hot liquids such as coffee. It includes rechargeable batteries and can be used while charging giving it the versatility to work as a plug-in blender. The blender includes a few accessories such as a silicone funnel and ice tray.

What users thought

Customers thought that the PopBabies portable blender had really good battery life that could last a week or more making a smoothie a day. It works well if you follow the recommendations to use only small size pieces of fruit or vegetables to blend and pulse the motor to keep from overheating it. Some users experienced leaking at the bottom of the cup.


The Popbabies Portable Blender could be a great blender for someone who needs a battery-powered blender. It has a large 17 oz drinking and mixing cup and long-lasting battery.

What We Liked
✔️ Long lasting battery
✔️ 17 oz drinking and mixing cup
✔️ Accessories including funnel and ice tray
What We Didn’t Like
Leaks can develop at bottom of cup
You can only put in small pieces of fruits or vegetables

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

  • Compact design and BPA free: Great for home, office and travel with on the go portability
  • Blend and go: Blend and drink from the 14 ounce jar and lid which are both dishwasher safe
  • One touch blending: Makes great smoothies, shakes, baby formula, marinades, salad dressing and more


The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is next in our review of the best portable blenders for making smoothies. This blender features a single cup with a blade in the bottom that works similarly to a traditional blender. The blending cup includes a travel lid so you can blend and go and bring back the cup at the end of the day to wash.

It has a 175 watt motor and only includes a single mixing and blending cup unlike other blenders in this review that include at least 2. The blade is in the bottom of the cup with a press-on lid. The lid has no threads which make it easier to clean. The manufacturer recommends not using hot liquids or using a dishwasher to clean it.

What users thought

Customers thought it did an adequate job of blending fruits. It will struggle with any amount of ice or fruit that is frozen hard. Be sure to pulse the motor when blending. Many users burnt out the motor by running continuously for too long. It leaked less than other blenders because there is no seal to make around the blades each time you use it.


This blender is ideal for someone who wants a compact simple, very inexpensive blender for making smoothies and shakes without ice. Care needs to be taken to not overheat the motor.

What We Liked
✔️ Low cost
✔️ One touch operation
✔️ Fewer leaks from top loading blend cup
What We Didn’t Like
It struggles to blend ice and frozen fruit
Running motor too long can burn it out

Portable Blender FAQ

Q: Are portable blenders good?

Portable blenders have a place in the kitchen and on the go. They allow you to blend in your drinking cup and take it with you. If you have a battery powered model or a place to plug it on, you can mix your smoothie ingredients and blend it when your ready for it. If you travel a lot and want to get your smoothie fix on the go you can easily fit a portable blender in your luggage.

They work very well if you pay attention to their limitations. They aren’t as powerful as a full size Vitamix. They do very well with fresh fruits and vegetables. The more powerful models can blend frozen fruits and even ice. You wouldn’t want to use one for making daiquiris at a party.

Q: Can you put a portable blender in the fridge?

You can place some portable blenders into the refrigerator. You should consult the owners manual of your particular blender before doing it. The cold can harden up the seals causing leaks in some models. In almost all cases you can safely put the mixing cup in the refrigerator with one of the drinking or storage lids.

Q: What is the most powerful portable blender?

Some personal blenders have up to 1000 watt motors in them. This makes them as powerful as standard kitchen blenders. 2 popular models are the Nutribullet 1000 watt Prime Edition and the OYeet Personal Blender.

Q: How long does it take to charge a portable blender?

Most portable blenders take between 2 and 4 hours to fully charge. Consult the owners manual for any blender you are thinking of buying to find out how long it takes to charge.

Q: What are the benefits of drinking smoothies?

Smoothies can have many benefits if made with healthy ingredients. They can assist with weight loss by providing a healthy snack high in nutrient value that will reduce hunger. Smoothies can be made ahead of time and easily portable to help avoid unhealthy fast food or other snacking. They can be a good source of essential nutrients and proteins. For more information on smoothie benefits see here and here.

Q: What are Green Smoothies?

Green smoothies include green leafy vegetables such as kale or spinach or chard giving them a green color and making the smoothie high in vitamins A, C and K, Fiber, and Calcium.

Q: Are smoothies good for weight loss?

If made with naturally nutritious ingredients such as fruits and vegetables and protein sources. If this is followed they can be a great way to satisfy hunger and cravings and provide your body with what it needs. One needs to be careful not to overload the smoothie with a lot of sugar from sugary ingredients or an imbalance of fruits.

Q: What is nutrient extraction?

Nutrient extraction means that the blender breaks down the ingredients into a more easily digestible form allowing your body to absorb them easier. Some studies suggest that your body can more easily process the natural sugars this way without causing a spike in blood sugar. See more here.

Q: What should I put in a smoothie?

Here are is a link for smoothie recipes. 50 Smoothie recipes. Many more can be found online.

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