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The Best Massage Chairs Under $3000 Of 2021 Helpful Guide

Massage chairs can provide a very good therapeutic massage. If you’ve never tried one before I highly recommend it. My first experience was in a mall in my wife’s home town in Taiwan. She told me I had to sit down in one and try it out. I was very surprised by just how much the chair could do and how it could work on different parts of the body. If a massage chair sounds like a good idea to you then read on for our recommendations for the best massage chairs under $3000.

Below are our top 3 picks. Keep reading for more detailed reviews, guide and FAQ.

Top Pick

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300S

Editors Choice


Best Value

Titan Pro Alpha

The Top 5 Best Massage Chairs Under $3000

Below are our top 5 picks for best massage chairs under $3000. We considered features, price, durability and customer service in our recommendations.

Top Pick

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300S

  • Newly designed structural frame with deeper zero gravity angle with space saving design.
  • Bluetooth app controller for wireless control and premium quality speaker. Longer operation time up to 1 hour per massage session.
  • Total 13 Auto programs – 4 Stretching programs. 5 Recover programs. 4 special programs


The Kahuna SM-7300s is one of the most popular and best massage chairs under $3000. It has an SL track (L-track) and 6 rollers. Most massage chairs have 4 rollers to mimic human hands. Having 6 rollers allows this to do motions that hands and 4 rollers can’t do.

This massage chair can fit users up to 6′ 5″ tall and 320 lbs. It is quite a large chair that isn’t that suited to shorter users. See my guide to best massage chairs for tall people to learn more.

This massage chair has 13 programs. It has 9 massage programs and 4 stretching programs. In stretching mode it uses the airbags to squeeze while using the recliner mechanism to stretch the body out.

It can do a variety of massage techniques including kneading, tapping, knocking, and shiatsu massage. It can apply a strong amount of pressure while messaging. If it is your first time using a message chair you may want to use lower levels until you get used to it.

The chair uses a remote for controlling or a phone app. The phone app has a tendency to crash for many users. The remote works okay but is awkward to reach while your getting a massage. It isn’t backlit so it is difficult to use if you dim the room while getting a massage.

There are Bluetooth speakers in the headrest so you can play music for relaxation during your message.
The SL track, 6 rollers and 13 programs make this our top pick for best massage chair under $3000.


  • Track – SL track with 6 rollers
  • Airbags – 32
  • Programs – 13
  • Zero G Positions – 3
  • Max user size – 6.5ft or 320 lbs
  • Chair Dimensions – 49 x 29 x 50 inches
  • Chair Weight – 246 lbs

What We Liked
✔️ SL track
✔️ 6 rollers
✔️ 13 programs – variety of massage techniques and stretching
What We Didn’t Like
Phone app crashes a lot
Awkward to use remote with no backlight

Editors Choice


  • PATENTED 6 ROLLER BACK MASSAGE MECHANISM with 5 Key massage techniques (Kneading, Tapping, Kneading Tapping Combo, Shiatsu and Rolling)
  • 2ND GEN. ERGONOMICALLY CONTOURED EXTRA LONG L-TRACK SYSTEM (50 Inches) accommodates 6 feet 5 inches tall


The RELAXONCHAIR MK-V Plus is a new model massage chair from California based Relaxonchair. It features several upgrades from their prior model including a 6 roller massager and airbags in the neck, should and back area.

This message chair features a 6 roller massager similar to the Kahuna SM-7300. The Relaxonchair massager features shiatsu balls on one of the rollers. This gives it a very unique feel when that roller is being used that few other chairs can match.

This chair features a very long L-track that can massage from skull down to thigh area. Much longer than most other chairs in this price range.

For foot massaging it has double rollers and also a heel acupressure system. This combined with calf airbags does an excellent job for the foot area.

The overall chair has very solid feeling construction and motors. It feels built as good as chairs costing much more. Some chairs in the $2000-$3000 have materials and frames that leave you wondering why they cost so much. Not of for this chair.

It has a very easy to use remote interface and enough programs to give you a good variety of massages as well as a full adjustable zero gravity position.

All of these functions combined with a very competitive price make it my top pick among the best massage chairs for under $3000.


  • Track – L track with 6 rollers
  • Airbags – 38
  • Programs – 9
  • Zero G Positions – Yes, adjustable position
  • Max user size – 5′ 2″ to 6′ 5″ up to 320 lbs
  • Chair Dimensions – 60 x 33 48 inches
  • Chair Weight – 234
What We Liked
✔️ 50 inch track going from skull to thighs
✔️ 6 roller massager
✔️ dual roller foot with heel acupressure points
What We Didn’t Like
No neck massage
Foot massage can be a bit aggressive to some users.

Best Value

Titan Pro- Alpha Full Body Massage Chair

  • THE TITAN PRO MASSAGE CHAIR – This massage chair is a premium line product with the latest features of Titan related to the back and pelvis.
  • THE ADVANCED L-TRACK TECHNOLOGY – As the roller system massages into the neck area, it continues through to the lower back and then proceeds to massage the glutes and to the top of the hamstrings.
  • 2 STAGE ZERO GRAVITY – When reclined into the zero gravity position, the complete weight of your back is virtually supported by the backrest.


The Titan Pro Alpha is a full featured massage chair at a reasonable price. It has a full L-track combined with 4 rollers that can do 7 massage techniques. It also has an adjustable shoulder width so you can customize the massage to your body shape.

Titan is a part of the Osaki company which is a very well known massage chair company in Asia. You can expect good service and reliability from their chairs.

The L-track is a full 50 inches long and can cover your neck through thighs. The 4 rollers can do 7 massage techniques including Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, Kneading and tapping, Shiatsu, Swedish and Combo. For those who find the massage too intense there is a folding back pad that can cover your back. This extra padding reduces the intensity of the massage.

For foot massage the chair has dual action rollers that roll the bottom of your feet and also apply pressure to your heels. This combines with calf and foot airbags to take care of your feet and lower legs.

The design of the arm massage area allows it to stay in place when the chair is reclined. Your arms will always get a good massage no matter what angle the chair is reclined at.

This chair has 2 positions for zero gravity for a more relaxed deeper massage.
The remote is a little complicated and not as easy to use as other massage chairs. It has a little more learning curve than other chairs.

This chair has built in blue tooth speakers in the head area for listening to music during your massage.

The Titan Pro Alpha is a great massage chair value with many good features. This makes it my best value pick among the best massage chairs under $3000.


  • Track – L-track with 4 rollers
  • Airbags – 28
  • Programs – 6
  • Zero G Positions – 2 positions
  • Max user size – 6”3’ up to 235 lbs
  • Chair Dimensions – 72 x 30 x 45 inches
  • Chair Weight – 250 lbs
What We Liked
✔️ Adjustable shoulder width
 ✔️ Blue tooth speakers
✔️ Dual action foot rollers
What We Didn’t Like
Only heats in lumbar region
Complicated remote

Infinity Altera Full Body Zero Gravity Massage

  • Zero Gravity
  • Spinal Correction & Waist Twist
  • Rhythm Technique


The Infinity Altera is a good massage chair option for people on the shorter side. Infinity makes massage chairs focused on shorter users. The Altera model is good for people as short as 4’9″. Many massage chairs are focused on taller users and smaller users just don’t fit right in them. The massage doesn’t work the right locations on their body.

The Altera really shines in the area of foot and calf massage. It has double rollers under the foot which most other chairs in the price range do not have. One miss in this area is that the chair doesn’t have calf heating for your leg muscles. With the attention they gave to the foot rollers and airbags, it would have been a nice add to have heat too.

This chair only has a full L-track for massaging your entire back and butt area. It has 4 rollers that can do 2D motions. It can tap, knead, knock and rub. It can’t do as many motions as chairs with 3D motion.

It has lumbar heating to help with lower back massage. In addition to massaging with the rollers it can also add heat so soften your muscles.

This chair has a very easy to use remote and control system with an easy to reach pocket on the chair armrest. It is very easy to operate.

It has a space saver design allowing it to be placed 3 inches from a wall. This makes it much easier to place in your home since it doesn’t need to be placed out in the open somewhere.


  • Track – L track with 4 rollers
  • Airbags – 38
  • Programs – 10
  • Zero G Positions – 2
  • Max user size – 4’9″ – 6’2″ up to 300 lbs
  • Chair Dimensions – 57 x 31 x 45 inches
  • Chair Weight – 229 lbs
What We Liked
✔️ Great for shorter users
✔️ Foot massage performance
✔️Space saving design can be placed 3 inches from a wall
What We Didn’t Like
Lack of 3D motion rollers
Lack of calf heating

Osaki OS4000TA

  • Design Upgraded, Computer Body Scan, Zero Gravity Design, Unique Foot roller
  • Next Generation Air Massage Technology, Arm Air Massagers, Auto Recline and Leg Extension
  • Wireless Controller, Calf & Foot Massage, Lower Back Heat Therapy, Shoulder, Lumbar & Hip Squeeze


The Osaki OS4000TA is a solid massage chair from a well known and respected brand. Osaki has been making massage chairs for a long time. They are very well known in Asia.

The OS4000TA doesn’t really have any standout features. It has all the necessary features and it does everything that it does well.

It has an S track for measuring your entire back. It only has a 2 rollers instead of the more common 4 at this price point. It does a very satisfying motion with the 2 rollers so it doesn’t leave you feeling like it’s missing something.

It has 38 airbags for squeezing and messaging. It is less than the prior model but the airbags have increased in size to be more effective.

The leg and foot massage really standout. It has foot rollers and leg airbags for squeezing your legs and rolling your feet. It has one of the better foot programs out there.The Osaki OS4000 TA has a control pad that is easy to access and reach while your getting a massage. It’s controls are easy to understand and use. Even a first time massage chair user will be able to adjust their massage to their liking.

This massage chair is good for people 5′ 2″ to 6’3″. People over 6’1″ will start feeling scrunched when in this chair.


  • Track – S with 2 rollers
  • Airbags – 38
  • Programs – 6
  • Zero G Positions – 1
  • Max user size – 5’2″ to  6’3″
  • Chair Dimensions – 52 x 31 x 34 inches
  • Chair Weight – 255 lbs
What We Liked
✔️ Zero Gravity position feels really good
✔️ Strong airbag massage
✔️ Very good for foot and leg messages
What We Didn’t Like
Only has 2D rollers
Difficult to assemble. Don’t miss all the air connections

Massage chair guide

There is a lot things to think about when purchasing a massage chair. It is going to cost a considerable amount of money even for a low end massage chair. I would recommend you try out a massage chair somewhere before buying one to know what they feel like.

Massage chairs don’t make great chairs to sit around and watch TV in. The track and roller mechanisms aren’t comfortable to sit on when your not getting a massage. You want to make sure you get the massage your looking for from your massage chair. They don’t really have a purpose in your home otherwise. So what should you look for when buying a massage chair.

Benefits of a massage chair

Massage chairs can provide theraputic massage therapy. Going to a massage therapist on a regular basis can become very expensive. Having a massage chair can allow you to get a therapeutic massage without going to a therapist. Therapeutic massage can provide the following benefits.

  • Health maintenance and/or health promotion – massage helps general tissue health and healthy lifestyle
  • Stress management – Massage helps relieve stress
  • Post-operative care – Massage can help reduce the need for pain medicine and speed recovery
  • Emotional and/or psychological disorders – Massage releases endorphins which can help with depression
  • Terminal illness – Massage helps reduce pain and discomfort that can come from long term bedrest
  • Chronic pain – Massage helps reduce muscle pain by reducing muscle tightness
  • Pre and/or post athletic activity – Helps speed up recovery after participating in athletic activity.

Go here to learn more about therapeutic massage and it’s benefits.


Before shelling out tons of money for a massage chair there are a few considerations you should think about. It is a major purchase and you want to get the best fit for you.


Massage chairs can run between $800 at the low end and $10,000 at the high end. Like everything you else in this world, you get what you pay for. There are some much better values out there than others. In the $2000 to $3000 range, you get a lot of features such as L tracks, 3D rollers and Zero Gravity support.


Massage chairs are very complex machines. Some have upwards of 50 independently controlled airbags as well as 3D robotic rollers, tilting mechanism, heating, vibrations and so on. You get the picture. There is a lot going on inside that chair. A warranty and good customer service are really important. You spend a lot on a good massage chair and need it to last and need to be able to get service if something goes wrong.

Construction and Materials

If your spending a lot on a massage chair then good materials are important. You should look for things such as a steel frame, high quality motors and good materials. Many massage chairs use a combination of real or synthetic leather materials.


Massage chairs have an ideal size range they work for. If you are shorter you may want to look at the chairs by Infinity. If you are taller you might want to look at Kahuna. Make sure you pick a massage chair that is suitable for your size and weight.

Available space

How much space do you have in your house for a massage chair. Some chairs have space saver designs that can be placed within a few inches of a wall. Other chairs need to be farther away. Make sure you have enough space in your home for the chair you want to get.

Massage features

The more you spend on a massage chair the more features it will have. L-tracks, 3D rollers, 4 or 6 rollers, more airbags come on more expensive massage chairs. The materials of the chair also improve with the cost. Choose a budget for your massage chair and find the best chair you can with the best features for your budget.

Massage Chair FAQ

Q: What is the difference between an S and L track?

An S-track refers to the track under your neck and back that the massage rollers move along to give you a massage. An S-track has curvature to match your neck and back curvature. Originally massage chairs had straight tracks. They were horribly uncomfortable because your back is not straight.

An L-track or SL-track (Kahuna calls it an SL track) is an extended track that goes around your butt and underneath you. The track is shaped like an L. Imagine your sitting in the L like a seat. All L-tracks are extended S-tracks. The below video demonstrates the difference between an S and L track.

Go here to learn more about the difference between an S-track and L-track.

Q: What is Shiatsu massage?

Many massage chairs claim to perform Shiatsu massage. What is Shiatsu massage? Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique. Shiatsu means “Finger pressure” in Japanese. Shiatsu massage involves kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping, and stretching. It is performed with finger pressure through light clothing without oils. Shiatsu massage originated in the early 1900’s along with acupuncture and amma massage as part of a resurgence in traditional Japanese medicine.

Go here to learn more about Shiatsu massage. The below video explains more about Shiatsu Massage technique.

Q: Is it worth getting a massage chair?

The average therapeutic massage costs $75. If you were to get a massage weekly for a year the cost would be $3900. Double that if you get one twice a week. You can see that it doesn’t take that long to recover the cost of a $3000 massage chair. You can use the massage chair as often as you wish. Clearly, a massage chair is worth the money even if the chair costs thousands of dollars. To learn more about the costs of massage go here.

Q: Is it bad to use a massage chair too much?

Yes. Using a massage chair too often and for too long can cause bruising and damage to muscle tissues. You should not use a massage chair more than 3 to 4 times a week. You get maximum benefit from theraputic massage sessions after 15 minutes.

Q: Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

Most massage chairs use between 100 and 200 watts of electricity while they are running. For comparison a microwave can use 1000-2000 watts. The cost of the electricity to run a massage chair is very minimal and should not be a reason for not getting one. The massage chair will still save you money over getting frequent massages from a therapist.

Q: How long should you use a massage chair?

You get maximum benefit from your massage chair after 15 minutes. After 15 minutes it may still feel good but you are no longer getting any theraputic value from it.

See our complete guide to the best massage chairs to learn more.

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